Your Decision Not To Stay Where You Are Is The First Step

Coach Sybil Kearse

Keep striving for success, one step at a time.

Some of you can't reach your destination because you haven't taken the first step!

The first step is making a decision to NOT stay where you are now. Think about it, when you are somewhere that you don't feel comfortable being, you make up your mind to leave.

Based on that decision, you get up to get your coat, get your bag, get your keys and you get up out of there but the action of moving didn't start until the decision to move was made.

Staying where you are and complaining about it doesn't change your situation. Instead of making complaints, make up your mind to do everything you need to do to change your situation.

When you have a made-up mind, you're able to make the decision to move from where you are. Then the action required will begin to manifest because you've decided that where you are is unacceptable!

Keep striving for success, one step at a time